1+6 eco-civ United Fist (of reform policies)

In September 2015, the press released the Central Committee and State Council’s overall plan for a 1+6 eco-civ ‘United Fist’ (组合拳 – original article title “国家推出1+6生态文明改革组合拳
健全自然资源资产产权制度 编制自然资源资产负债表“) of reform policies. These policies are as follows:


the big 1
Integrated plan for eco-civ system reform; the official English version 

the +6

these four came out of the 14th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reform (CLGCDR) on the 1 July 2015
《环境保护督察方案(试行)》 not yet publicly available (on the net at least)

Plan for an environmental monitoring network《生态环境监测网络建设方案》 published 26 July

Plan to develop audits upon resignation of officials and leaders regarding natural resources assets 《关于开展领导干部自然资源资产离任审计的试点方案》 published 11 November

Measures for investigating responsibility for environmental damage by Party and government officials (trial) 《党政领导干部生态环境损害责任追究办法(试行)》 published 17 August

the next two did not come out of the CLGCDR

Plan for formulating natural resource assets balance sheet experiment 制自然资源资产负债表试点方 

Plan for pilots for reforming the system of compensating environmental damage 态环境损害赔偿制度改革试点方 


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